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Lawyers are typically trained to find problems. Business owners want solutions. Therein lies the disconnect with many attorney-client relationships. At Settle Meyer Law we are solution-driven and trained problem-solvers. Why? Before practicing law, we ran businesses. We were real estate developers, asset managers, entrepreneurs, and involved in running family-owned businesses. We understand the value in finding thoughtful, smart and creative solutions to help our clients resolve problems and achieve success. Most attorneys can uncover problems, but at Settle Meyer Law, we also find solutions and get business done right.

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We understand a project developer’s timeline and a banker’s bottom line. We understand an artist’s vision and an investor’s risk tolerance. At Settle Meyer Law, we help our clients structure deals in advance so they are best positioned to succeed. Success in business often requires finding a solution to a problem that balances risk and creates a win-win situation for all the parties in a transaction. We understand those dynamics and how to help our clients close a project or deal, because anything less is not good business.

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Our goals and our clients’ goals are the same. We are not interested in a deal getting to the verge of completion only to have it fall apart. We are always ready to roll up our sleeves, sit shoulder to shoulder, and come up with practical, responsive and well-suited plans to help our clients transform their projects from ideas to well-executed realities. Achieving that reality requires assembling the perfect team. At Settle Meyer Law, we’re team players and ready to be a part of the team that works for you.

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